Established in 2011, is renowned for designing, manufacturing and supplying quality positive displacement pumps and accessories to suit the challenging conditions of borehole pumps on the African continent.

Driven by a commitment to creating value, quality, improving customer satisfaction and building a profitable business, we challenged ourselves with redifining our stratigic focus and re-designed various borehole pumps to suit all African conditions. The result is, a company that now boasts performance excellence, reliability and offers versatile quality alternatives to sourcing our most important and precious need, WATER.

The company invested in recruiting top level staff and today offers, collectively 152 years of in depth knowledge and practical experience in the pump industry.

To offer a complete service to the borehole market WASA pumps formed an alliance with a leading submersible pump manufacturing company, which specialises in the research and development and manufacture of submersible pumps.
As a high tech enterprise, the company is the largest manufacturer and exporter of submersible pumps and exports products to more than 60 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.
The company has first-class manufacturing equipment and testing facilities; carries out the operations strictly according to the ISO9000 quality controls system standard.

In a addition to the above we offer the unique services of designing and building pump solutions to our customers' requirments for the mining, industrial and agricultural industries.